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                                                                Colour Hardener

Colour Hardener is available in a variety of colours to suit all interior and exterior design needs. It can create solid colours, or separate different colours to create patterns. It is a granolithic concrete material that strengthens and colours concrete floors. It is a special blend of cement, very hard-wearing aggregates, lime fast pigments and certain additives which set rock hard, have exceptional abrasion resistance and reduces drying shrinkage.


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CreteCote is a coloured, cement-based floor covering which is versatile, durable and waterproof. It produces a smooth 1.5mm smooth decorative finish for  interior  surfaces. CreteCote is suitable for application onto smooth wood floated concrete floor slabs or screeds.


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PolishCrete is a thin decorative cement-based system that is designed to be polished to a glossy, hard wearing floor/surface. It has an aesthetic that resembles granite or caesarstone, and can be used on floors and counter tops.  
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A coloured, cement-based, self-levelling floor covering for application onto rolled or wood-floated concrete floor slabs or screeds. It produces a 2mm smooth, decorative layer that is unaffected by rising damp. For interior use only.


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                                                                Concrete Floor Primer

A clear ready-to-use liquid which, on being applied to the floor, is absorbed into the concrete pores and reacts with the calcium salts effectively making the concrete surface denser and considerably less porous.  


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ColourCem can be used to create coloured plaster that can be used for unlimited projects, providing rich textures. It is a milled blend of white of grey Portland cement and selected compatible pigments. Strengths are similar to those of Portland cement, but if dark shades are required, up to 10% more ColourCem should be used for a given strength.  


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CreteStain is a permanent concrete stain that can be applied in a variety of ways to create either solid colours or colour variations. It is an acid cased mixture containing special chemicals which combine with the cement/concrete and colour the surface.  


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     Colour release agent

To add colour to the surface of the material being imprinted while also ensuring that the mould releases cleanly from the substrate.



CreteCare Range

                                                                CreteCare Polish

CreteCare Polish is an easy to apply high gloss, hardwearing, protective polish for concrete floors. CreteCare Polish delivers excellent black heel mark, slip, detergent and ware resistance with high lay down gloss retention. This is a state of the art low-ammoniated product.  


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                                                                CreteCare Mop and Shine

Self-shining, wax-based, manual floor maintenance cleaner for all water resistant floor coverings such as Natural and artificial stone, cement based, vinyl, PVC, linoleum, rubber, etc. and parquet floors.  


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                                                                CreteCare Floor Polish Stripper

A non-ammoniated stripper/remover/cleaner of most Acrylic Polymer Floor Dressings on the market.  


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Floor Levelling Compound

                                                                Floor Levelling Compound

A cement-based mixture having carefully controlled setting, hardening, adhesive and self-levelling qualities. It requires mixing with clean water only before being applied to concrete floors to produce a 2.5mm smooth, ridge-free layer that does not crack and is unaffected by rising damp. The floor covering can be laid when the Floor-levelling Compound is dry, minimum 24 hours.  


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Cemcrete's SuperScreed is a 5-15mm high strength, shrinkage compensated single pack granolithic type screed mix.
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